Symposium 2018

Joint Symposium of CRC1066 from Mainz and CRC1278 from Jena


The Collaborative Research Centers CRC 1066 from Mainz and the CRC 1278 from Jena invite you to participate in our joint symposium „Nanomedicine – Is there more than tumor targeting?“
on September 20-21, 2018.

The symposium’s program is available here.  Get an impression on the schedule and topics!

Our invitation:

Both CRCs, CRC 1066 and CRC 1278, share the interest in the use of nanoparticular carrier systems for the establishment of innovative therapies. However, they do not primarily focus on “tumor targeting”. Instead the CRC 1066 (Mainz) focuses on selective addressing of the immune system and while the CRC 1278 (Jena) is interested in influencing inflammation processes. Thus, both SFBs are different.
However, by cooperation we can gain a lot of mutual expertise as well as synergy, concerning the preparation of nanocarriers and their characterization in the biological context of the body. In this regard we hold this joint mini-symposium entitled “Nanomedicine – Is there more than tumor targeting?” to start a fruitful cooperation. Also, a joint summer school is planned for 2019 to train the PhD students in the integrated graduate schools (Mainz and Jena) and enable networking. We would appreciate to welcome you on this occation in Mainz.

Rudolf Zentel – Ulrich Schubert

Thanks to all speakers and participants for this interesting joint symposium of the CRC 1066 and CRC 1278 with good discussions regarding the topic „NANOMEDICINE – IS THERE MORE THAN TUMOR TARGETING?“
We are looking forward to our joint summer school in June 2019.

Group picture of symposium speakers from Mainz and Jena as well as participants of the integrated research training group of our CRC 1066.