Publikationen 2020

Polymeric Nanoparticles with Neglectable Protein Corona

Irina Alberg, Stefan Kramer, Meike Schinnerer, Qizhi Hu, Christine Seidl, Christian Leps, Natascha Drude, Diana Möckel, Cristianne Rijcken, Twan Lammers, Mustafa Diken, Michael Maskos, Svenja Morsbach, Katharina Landfester, Stefan Tenzer*, Matthias Barz*, Rudolf Zentel

Small 907574 (2020)


Platelet-Derived GARP Induces Peripheral Regulatory T Cells-Potential Impact on T Cell Suppression in Patients with Melanoma-Associated Thrombocytosis

Zimmer N, Krebs FK, Zimmer S, Mitzel-Rink H, Kumm EJ, Jurk K, Grabbe S, Loquai C, Tuettenberg A.

Cancers (Basel). 2020 Dec 5;12(12):3653

Treg activation status depends on psoriasis therapy regime

Wegner J, Krebs F, Tuettenberg A*, von Stebut E*

*contributed equally

JDDG 2020. Dec;18(12):1481-1484

Temperature Sensing in Cells Using Polymeric Upconversion Nanocapsules

Iyisan, B.; Thiramanas, R.; Nazarova, N.; Avlasevich, Y.; Mailänder, V.; Baluschev, S.; Landfester, K.

Biomacromolecules 2020, 0 (0)

An RNA Vaccine Drives Immunity in Checkpoint-Inhibitor-Treated Melanoma

Sahin, U.; Oehm, P.; Derhovanessian, E.; Jabulowsky, R. A.; Vormehr, M.; Gold, M.; Maurus, D.; Schwarck-Kokarakis, D.; Kuhn, A. N.; Omokoko, T.; Kranz, L. M.; Diken, M.; Kreiter, S.; Haas, H.; Attig, S.; Rae, R.; Cuk, K.; Kemmer-Brück, A.; Breitkreuz, A.; Tolliver, C.; Caspar, J.; Quinkhardt, J.; Hebich, L.; Stein, M.; Hohberger, A.; Vogler, I.; Liebig, I.; Renken, S.; Sikorski, J.; Leierer, M.; Müller, V.; Mitzel-Rink, H.; Miederer, M.; Huber, C.; Grabbe, S.; Utikal, J.; Pinter, A.; Kaufmann, R.; Hassel, J. C.; Loquai, C.; Türeci, Ö.

Nature 2020, 585 (7823), 107–112


In Vivo SiRNA Delivery to Immunosuppressive Liver Macrophages by α-Mannosyl-Functionalized Cationic Nanohydrogel Particles

Kaps, L.; Leber, N.; Klefenz, A.; Choteschovsky, N.; Zentel, R.; Nuhn, L.; Schuppan, D.

Cells 2020, 9 (8)


The Influence of Nanoparticle Shape on Protein Corona Formation

Madathiparambil Visalakshan, R.; González García, L. E.; Benzigar, M. R.; Ghazaryan, A.; Simon, J.; Mierczynska-Vasilev, A.; Michl, T. D.; Vinu, A.; Mailänder, V.; Morsbach, S.; Landfester, K.; Vasilev, K.

Small 2020, 16 (25), 2000285.


Cancer Nanomedicine Meets Immunotherapy: Opportunities and Challenges

Sun, Q.; Bai, X.; Sofias, A. M.; van der Meel, R.; Ruiz-Hernandez, E.; Storm, G.; Hennink, W. E.; De Geest, B.; Kiessling, F.; Yu, H. jun; Lammers, T.; Shi, Y.

Acta Pharmacol. Sin. 2020, 41 (7), 954–958.

Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) Family Members: Rationale and Their Potential as Therapeutic Targets for Liver Fibrosis

Chen, W.; Yang, A.; Jia, J.; Popov, Y. V.; Schuppan, D.; You, H.

Hepatology 2020, 72 (2), 729–741


Potent and Prolonged Innate Immune Activation by Enzyme-Responsive Imidazoquinoline TLR7/8 Agonist Prodrug Vesicles

Wang, B.; Van Herck, S.; Chen, Y.; Bai, X.; Zhong, Z.; Deswarte, K.; Lambrecht, B. N.; Sanders, N. N.; Lienenklaus, S.; Scheeren, H. W.; David, S. A.; Kiessling, F.; Lammers, T.; De Geest, B. G.; Shi, Y.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142 (28), 12133–12139


Total Synthesis of a Partial Structure from Arabinogalactan and Its Application for Allergy‐Prevention

Krumb, M.; Jäger, M.; Voss, A.; Immig, L.; Peters, K.; Kowalczyk, D.; Bufe, A.; Opatz, T.; Holst, O.; Vogel, C.; Peters, M.

Chem. – A Eur. J. 2020, chem.202002287

Trans-cyclooctene-functionalized PeptoBrushes with improved reaction kinetics of the tetrazine ligation for pretargeted nuclear imaging

E. J. L. Stéen, K. Nørregard, A. Birke, J. T. Jørgensen, K. Johann, D. Svatunek, P. E. Edem, R. Rossin, F. Schmid, H. Mikula, M. Robillard, J. L. Kristensen, M. Barz, A. Kjœr, M. M. Herth

ACS Nano 14, 568 (2020).


The Success of Nanomedicine

Lammers, T.; Ferrari, M.

Nano Today 2020, 31


Current Progress in Particle-Based Systems for Transdermal Vaccine Delivery

Pielenhofer, J.; Sohl, J.; Windbergs, M.; Langguth, P.; Radsak, M. P.

Front. Immunol. 2020, 11, 266.

Zebrafish Embryos Allow Prediction of Nanoparticle Circulation Times in Mice and Facilitate Quantification of Nanoparticle–Cell Interactions

Dal, N. J. K.; Kocere, A.; Wohlmann, J.; Van Herck, S.; Bauer, T. A.; Resseguier, J.; Bagherifam, S.; Hyldmo, H.; Barz, M.; De Geest, B. G.; Fenaroli, F.

Small 2020, 16 (5), 1906719


Polysaccharide-Based PH-Responsive Nanocapsules Prepared with Bio-Orthogonal Chemistry and Their Use as Responsive Delivery Systems

Alkanawati, M. S.; Da Costa Marques, R.; Mailänder, V.; Landfester, K.; Thérien-Aubin, H.

Biomacromolecules 2020, 21 (7), 2764–2771.

DNA–Polymer Nanostructures by RAFT Polymerization and Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly

Lückerath, T.; Koynov, K.; Loescher, S.; Whitfield, C. J.; Nuhn, L.; Walther, A.; Barner-Kowollik, C.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.

Angew. Chemie – Int. Ed. 2020, 59 (36), 15474–15479


Nanoparticles in the Biological Context: Surface Morphology and Protein Corona Formation

Richtering, W.; Alberg, I.; Zentel, R.

Small 2020, 16 (39), 2002162

Reactive-Ester Derived Polymer Nanogels for Cancer Immunotherapy

Stickdorn, J.; Nuhn, L.

Eur. Polym. J. 2020, 124

Biology and Non-Invasive Biomarkers of Liver Fibrosis

Karsdal, M. A.; Daniels, S. J.; Holm Nielsen, S.; Bager, C.; Rasmussen, D. G. K.; Loomba, R.; Surabattula, R.; Villesen, I. F.; Luo, Y.; Shevell, D.; Gudmann, N. S.; Nielsen, M. J.; George, J.; Christian, R.; Leeming, D. J.; Schuppan, D. Collagen

Liver Int. 2020, 40 (4), 736–750

Drug Loading in Poly(Butyl Cyanoacrylate)-Based Polymeric Microbubbles

Liu, M.; Dasgupta, A.; Koczera, P.; Schipper, S.; Rommel, D.; Shi, Y.; Kiessling, F.; Lammers, T.

Mol. Pharm. 2020, 17 (8), 2840–2848

A Collagen-Binding Protein Enables Molecular Imaging of Kidney Fibrosis in Vivo

Baues, M.; Klinkhammer, B. M.; Ehling, J.; Gremse, F.; van Zandvoort, M. A. M. J.; Reutelingsperger, C. P. M.; Daniel, C.; Amann, K.; Bábíčková, J.; Kiessling, F.; Floege, J.; Lammers, T.; Boor, P.

Kidney Int. 2020, 97 (3), 609–614

Imidazoquinoline-Conjugated Degradable Coacervate Conjugate for Local Cancer Immunotherapy

Li, H.; Van Herck, S.; Liu, Y.; Hao, Y.; Ding, X.; Nuhn, L.; Zhong, Z.; Combes, F.; Sanders, N. N.; Lienenklaus, S.; Koker, S. D.; David, S. A.; Wang, Y.; De Geest, B. G.; Zhang, Z.

ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 2020, 6 (9), 4993–5000

β-Arrestin: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in NASH and Fibrosis

Abe, H.; Schuppan, D.

Hepatol. 2020, 72 (5), 813–815


Multifunctional Cationic PeptoStars as SiRNA Carrier: Influence of Architecture and Histidine Modification on Knockdown Potential

Holm, R.; Schwiertz, D.; Weber, B.; Schultze, J.; Kuhn, J.; Koynov, K.; Lächelt, U.; Barz, M.

Macromol. Biosci. 2020, 20 (1)

Nucleic Acid-Based Approaches for Tumor Therapy

Hager, S.; Fittler, F. J.; Wagner, E.; Bros, M.

Cells 2020, 9 (9)

Tetrazine- and: Trans -Cyclooctene-Functionalised Polypept(o)Ides for Fast Bioorthogonal Tetrazine Ligation

Johann, K.; Svatunek, D.; Seidl, C.; Rizzelli, S.; Bauer, T. A.; Braun, L.; Koynov, K.; Mikula, H.; Barz, M.

Polym. Chem. 2020, 11 (27), 4396–4407

Hybrid Biopolymer and Lipid Nanoparticles with Improved Transfection Efficacy for MRNA

Siewert, C. D.; Haas, H.; Cornet, V.; Nogueira, S. S.; Nawroth, T.; Uebbing, L.; Ziller, A.; Al-Gousous, J.; Radulescu, A.; Schroer, M. A.; Blanchet, C. E.; Svergun, D. I.; Radsak, M. P.; Sahin, U.; Langguth, P.

Cells 2020, 9 (9)


Targeted Activation of T Cells with IL-2-Coupled Nanoparticles

Raker, V. K.; Becker, C.; Landfester, K.; Steinbrink, K.

Cells 2020, 9 (9)


Amphiphilic Dendrimers Control Protein Binding and Corona Formation on Liposome Nanocarriers

Wagner, J.; Dillenburger, M.; Simon, J.; Oberländer, J.; Landfester, K.; Mailänder, V.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Müllen, K.; Weil, T.

Chem. Commun. 2020, 56 (61), 8663–8666

Multimodal and Multiscale Optical Imaging of Nanomedicine Delivery across the Blood-Brain Barrier upon Sonopermeation

May, J. N.; Golombek, S. K.; Baues, M.; Dasgupta, A.; Drude, N.; Rix, A.; Rommel, D.; Von Stillfried, S.; Appold, L.; Pola, R.; Pechar, M.; Van Bloois, L.; Storm, G.; Kuehne, A. J. C.; Gremse, F.; Theek, B.; Kiessling, F.; Lammers, T.

Theranostics 2020, 10 (4), 1948–1959

Vitamin C Loaded Polyethylene: Synthesis and Properties of Precise Polyethylene with Vitamin C Defects via Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polycondensation

Suraeva, O.; Champanhac, C.; Mailänder, V.; Wurm, F. R.; Weiss, H.; Berger, R.; Mezger, M.; Landfester, K.; Lieberwirth, I.

Macromolecules 2020

Cellular Uptake of SiRNA-Loaded Nanocarriers to Knockdown PD-L1: Strategies to Improve T-Cell Functions

Thiramanas, R.; Li, M.; Jiang, S.; Landfester, K.; Mailänder, V.

Cells 2020, 9 (9)

Visible-Light-Induced Cleavage of C−S Bonds in Thioacetals and Thioketals with Iodine as a Photocatalyst

Krumb, M.; Kammer, L. M.; Forster, R.; Grundke, C.; Opatz, T.

ChemPhotoChem 2020, 4 (2), 101–104

Exploring Organ-Specific Features of Fibrogenesis Using Murine Precision-Cut Tissue Slices

Bigaeva, E.; Gore, E.; Mutsaers, H. A. M.; Oosterhuis, D.; Kim, Y. O.; Schuppan, D.; Bank, R. A.; Boersema, M.; Olinga, P.

Biochim. Biophys. Acta – Mol. Basis Dis. 2020, 1866 (1), 165582


Integration of Indocyanine Green Analogs as Near-Infrared Fluorescent Carrier for Precise Imaging-Guided Gene Delivery

Liang, H.; Chen, X.; Jin, R.; Ke, B.; Barz, M.; Ai, H.; Nie, Y.

Small 2020, 16 (10), 1906538


Microenvironmental Th9 and Th17 Lymphocytes Induce Metastatic Spreading in Lung Cancer

Salazar, Y.; Zheng, X.; Brunn, D.; Raifer, H.; Picard, F.; Zhang, Y.; Winter, H.; Guenther, S.; Weigert, A.; Weigmann, B.; Dumoutier, L.; Renauld, J. C.; Waisman, A.; Schmall, A.; Tufman, A.; Fink, L.; Brüne, B.; Bopp, T.; Grimminger, F.; Seeger, W.; Pullamsetti, S. S.; Huber, M.; Savai, R.

Clin. Invest. 2020, 130 (7), 3560–3575

Synergistic Anticancer Therapy by Ovalbumin Encapsulation‐Enabled Tandem Reactive Oxygen Species Generation

Jiang, S.; Xiao, M.; Sun, W.; Crespy, D.; Mailänder, V.; Peng, X.; Fan, J.; Landfester, K.

Angew. Chemie 2020, 132 (45), 20183–20191

Nano-Enhanced Cancer Immunotherapy: Immunology Encounters Nanotechnology

Bockamp, E.; Rosigkeit, S.; Siegl, D.; Schuppan, D.

Cells 2020, 9 (9)

Polyphosphoester Surfactants as General Stealth Coatings for Polymeric Nanocarriers

Bauer, K. N.; Simon, J.; Mailänder, V.; Landfester, K.; Wurm, F. R.

Acta Biomater. 2020, 116, 318–328

Precision Anisotropic Brush Polymers by Sequence Controlled Chemistry

Chen, C.; Wunderlich, K.; Mukherji, D.; Koynov, K.; Heck, A. J.; Raabe, M.; Barz, M.; Fytas, G.; Kremer, K.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142 (3), 1332–1340


Role of Liver-Mediated Tolerance in Nanoparticle-Based Tumor Therapy

Cacicedo, M. L.; Medina-Montano, C.; Kaps, L.; Kappel, C.; Gehring, S.; Bros, M.

Cells 2020, 9 (9)

Targeting Cancer Associated Fibroblasts in Liver Fibrosis and Liver Cancer Using Nanocarriers

Kaps, L.; Schuppan, D.

Cells 2020, 9 (9)

Improved SiRNA Loading of Cationic Nanohydrogel Particles by Variation of Crosslinking Density

Leber, N.; Zentel, R.

Macromol. Chem. Phys. 2020, 221 (2)

Racemic S-(Ethylsulfonyl)-Dl-Cysteine N-Carboxyanhydrides Improve Chain Lengths and Monomer Conversion for β-Sheet-Controlled Ring-Opening Polymerization

Bauer, T. A.; Muhl, C.; Schollmeyer, D.; Barz, M.

Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2020, 2000470

Bio-Orthogonal Triazolinedione (TAD) Crosslinked Protein Nanocapsules Affect Protein Adsorption and Cell Interaction

Frey, M. L.; Simon, J.; Simon, J.; Brückner, M.; Brückner, M.; Mailänder, V.; Mailänder, V.; Morsbach, S.; Landfester, K.

Polym. Chem. 2020, 11 (23), 3821–3830

Transient Multivalent Nanobody Targeting to CD206-Expressing Cells via PH-Degradable Nanogels

Scherger, M.; Bolli, E.; Antunes, A. R. P.; Arnouk, S.; Stickdorn, J.; Van Driessche, A.; Schild, H.; Grabbe, S.; De Geest, B. G.; Van Ginderachter, J. A.; Nuhn, L.

Cells 2020, 9 (10)

Nanographenes: Ultrastable, Switchable, and Bright Probes for Super-Resolution Microscopy

Liu, X.; Chen, S. Y.; Chen, Q.; Yao, X.; Gelléri, M.; Ritz, S.; Kumar, S.; Cremer, C.; Landfester, K.; Müllen, K.; Parekh, S. H.; Narita, A.; Bonn, M.

Angew. Chemie – Int. Ed. 2020, 59 (1), 496–502

Stability of Alkyl Chain-Mediated Lipid Anchoring in Liposomal Membranes

Gleue, L.; Schupp, J.; Zimmer, N.; Becker, E.; Frey, H.; Tuettenberg, A.; Helm, M.

Cells 2020, 9 (10)

Targeting Activated Hepatic Stellate Cells Using Collagen-Binding Chitosan Nanoparticles for Sirna Delivery to Fibrotic Livers

Azzam, M.; Safy, S. El; Abdelgelil, S. A.; Weiskirchen, R.; Asimakopoulou, A.; de Lorenzi, F.; Lammers, T.; Mansour, S.; Tammam, S.

Pharmaceutics 2020, 12 (6), 1–16

Denatured Proteins as a Novel Template for the Synthesis of Well-Defined, Ultra-Stable and Water-Soluble Metal Nanostructures for Catalytic Applications

Chen, C.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.

J. Leather Sci. Eng. 2020, 2 (1), 1–11

Evaluation of Charge-Regulated Supramolecular Copolymerization to Tune the Time Scale for Oxidative Disassembly of β-Sheet Comonomers

Berac, C. M.; Zengerling, L.; Straβburger, D.; Otter, R.; Urschbach, M.; Besenius, P.

Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2020, 41 (1), 1900476

High-Resolution 3D Visualization of Nanomedicine Distribution in Tumors

Berac, C. M.; Zengerling, L.; Straβburger, D.; Otter, R.; Urschbach, M.; Besenius, P.

Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2020, 41 (1), 1900476

Multivalency Beats Complexity: A Study on the Cell Uptake of Carbohydrate Functionalized Nanocarriers to Dendritic Cells

Krumb, M.; Frey, M. L.; Langhanki, J.; Forster, R.; Kowalczyk, D.; Mailänder, V.; Landfester, K.; Opatz, T.

Cells 2020, 9 (9)

A Bio-Orthogonal Functionalization Strategy for Site-Specific Coupling of Antibodies on Vesicle Surfaces after Self-Assembly

Gai, M.; Simon, J.; Lieberwirth, I.; Mailänder, V.; Morsbach, S.; Landfester, K.

Polym. Chem. 2020, 11 (2), 527–540

Novel Opportunities for Cathepsin S Inhibitors in Cancer Immunotherapy by Nanocarrier-Mediated Delivery

Fuchs, N.; Meta, M.; Schuppan, D.; Nuhn, L.; Schirmeister, T.

Cells 2020, 9 (9), 2021

Using Immuno-PET Imaging to Monitor Kinetics of T Cell-Mediated Inflammation and Treatment Efficiency in a Humanized Mouse Model for GvHD

Pektor, S.; Schlöder, J.; Klasen, B.; Bausbacher, N.; Wagner, D. C.; Schreckenberger, M.; Grabbe, S.; Jonuleit, H.; Miederer, M.

Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging 2020, 47 (5), 1314–1325

Nanocapsules with Different Sizes and Physicochemical Properties as Suitable Nanocarriers for Uptake in T-Cells

Thiramanas, R.; Jiang, S.; Simon, J.; Landfester, K.; Mailänder, V. Silica

Int. J. Nanomedicine 2020, 15, 6069–6084

Imaging-Assisted Anticancer Nanotherapy

Dasgupta, A.; Biancacci, I.; Kiessling, F.; Lammers, T.

Theranostics 2020, 10 (3), 956–967

Mitochondrial Oxidative Injury: A Key Player in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Dornas, W.; Schuppan, D.

Am. J. Physiol. – Gastrointest. Liver Physiol. 2020, 319 (3), G400–G411

Functional Epoxide Monomers for Random and Gradient Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Polyelectrolytes with Multiple Carboxylic Acid Moieties

Linker, O.; Blankenburg, J.; Maciol, K.; Bros, M.; Frey, H. Ester

Macromolecules 2020, 53 (9), 3524–3534

Synthetic Rhamnose Glycopolymer Cell-Surface Receptor for Endogenous Antibody Recruitment

De Coen, R.; Nuhn, L.; Perera, C.; Arista-Romero, M.; Risseeuw, M. D. P.; Freyn, A.; Nachbagauer, R.; Albertazzi, L.; Van Calenbergh, S.; Spiegel, D. A.; Peterson, B. R.; De Geest, B. G.

Biomacromolecules 2020, 21 (2), 793–802

Inhibition of Antigen-Specific Immune Responses by Co-Application of an Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase (IDO)-Encoding Vector Requires Antigen Transgene Expression Focused on Dendritic Cells

Sudowe, S.; Höhn, Y.; Renzing, A.; Maxeiner, J.; Montermann, E.; Habermeier, A.; Closs, E.; Bros, M.; Reske-Kunz, A. B.

Amino Acids 2020, 52 (3), 411–424

Microbiota-Induced Type I Interferons Instruct a Poised Basal State of Dendritic Cells

Schaupp, L.; Muth, S.; Rogell, L.; Kofoed-Branzk, M.; Melchior, F.; Lienenklaus, S.; Ganal-Vonarburg, S. C.; Klein, M.; Guendel, F.; Hain, T.; Schütze, K.; Grundmann, U.; Schmitt, V.; Dorsch, M.; Spanier, J.; Larsen, P. K.; Schwanz, T.; Jäckel, S.; Reinhardt, C.; Bopp, T.; Danckwardt, S.; Mahnke, K.; Heinz, G. A.; Mashreghi, M. F.; Durek, P.; Kalinke, U.; Kretz, O.; Huber, T. B.; Weiss, S.; Wilhelm, C.; Macpherson, A. J.; Schild, H.; Diefenbach, A.; Probst, H. C.

Cell 2020, 181 (5), 1080-1096.e19

Challenges in Nanomedicine Clinical Translation

Metselaar, J. M.; Lammers, T.

Drug Deliv. Transl. Res. 2020, 10 (3), 721–725

Optimizing synthetic nucleic acid and protein nanocarriers: The chemical evolution approach

Moss, J. I.; Barjat, H.; Emmas, S. A.; Strittmatter, N.; Maynard, J.; Goodwin, R. J. A.; Storm, G.; Lammers, T.; Puri, S.; Ashford, M. B.; Barry, S. T.

Theranostics 2020, 10 (2), 880–897


Targeting of Immune Cells with Trimannosylated Liposomes

K. Wagener, M. Bros, M. Krumb, J. Langhanki, S. Pektor, M. Worm, M. Schinnerer, E. Montermann, M. Miederer, H. Frey, T. Opatz, F. Rösch

Adv. Ther., 2020, accepted manuscript.


Targeting Cavity-Creating p53 Cancer Mutations with Small-Molecule Stabilizers: the Y220X Paradigm

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Data Reweighting in Metadynamics Simulations

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Control over Immune Stimulation by pH-Degradable Poly(norbornene) Nanogels

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Design of pH-degradable polymer-lipid amphiphiles using a ketal-functionalized RAFT chain transfer agent

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Amphiphilic Poly(esteracetal)s as Dual pH-Responsive Micellar Immunodrug Delivery Systems

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Submicrometer-Sized Roughness Suppresses Bacteria Adhesion

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