Sonderforschungsbereich 1066

Nanodimensionale polymere Therapeutika für die Tumortherapie
seit 2016 gefördert durch die DFG

The research objective

of the Collaborative Research Center is the development of new,

multi-functional nanoparticulate drug carriers for the immunotherapy of malignant melanoma. With this goal, chemists, biologists and physicians are working intensively together in three complementary and closely networked areas:

Synthesis of new materials

and structures.

Through the synthesis of new materials and structures, we are creating the basis for the production of a broad range of nanoparticulate drug carriers that allow chemical modification for adaptation to biomedical issues and as a prerequisite for localized action.


Through systematic studies

of the interplay of newly synthesized nanoparticles with biological media and cells in vitro and in vivo, we are investigating the molecular requirements for cell uptake and biodistribution in order to address the immune system as effectively as possible.

Immune response

Through functional studies

on tumor cells and immune cells in vitro and in various preclinical in vivo models of malignant melanoma, we are testing the effect on tumor growth and the immune response directed against the tumor. We are pursuing the concept of enhancing effective tumor-specific immune responses by combining activation of the innate and adaptive immune system, directed modulation of immune tolerance, and induction of inflammation restricted to the tumor.

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