Benderski, Karina

Prof. Dr. Twan Lammers

Development and Evaluation of Mouse Models with Fibrotic Phenotypes for TME targeted Combination Therapy Research

Bixenmann, Leon

Ebadi Jala, Kazem

Eigen, Katharina

Prof. Dr. Nuhn, Lutz

Biofuncionalization of Biodegradable Immunodrug Nanocarriers via Bioorthogonal Click-Approaches

Forster, Robert

Prof. Dr.Til Opatz

Synthesis of partial structures of natural polysaccharides for cell-targeting and investigation of carbohydrate-lectin-interactions

Fuchs, Alexander

Prof. Dr. Nuhn, Lutz

Cationic Polymer Nanogels for Nucleic Acid Delivery

Gräfen, Barbara

Hauck, Adrian

Prof. Dr. Nuhn, Lutz

Amphiphilic polycarbonates as smart immuno drug carriers

Hutter, Nicole

Imschweiler, Jan

Jian, Lin

Jung, Carina

Prof. Dr. Volker Mailänder

Surface functionalisation of nanocarriers

Kockelmann, Johannes

Kolb, Bastian

Krehan, Joshua

Prof. Dr. Andreas Walther

Smart carrier systems with encapsulated pH effects for tumor therapy

Lantzberg, Bellinda

Leps, Christian

Meiser, Sophie-Luise

Meta, Mergim

Pielenhofer, Jonas

Pilger, Yannick

Prof. Dr. Nuhn, Lutz

Diethanolamine derived carbonates as a versatile platform for immuno-drug delivery

Schaaf, Maximilian

Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester

Surface-functionalization and drug loading of liposomes

Schake, Lisa

Schneider, Paul

Dr. Dr. Leonard Kaps

Adressing CAF with siRNA therapeutics in context of HCC

Schulz, Dominik

Silvestre, Isabelle

Stein, Lara

Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Schild

Polymer-induced tumor imunotherapy by in situ activation of antigen-presenting cells

Speth, Kai

Prof. Dr. Volker Mailänder

Exocytosis of nanocarrier with emphasis on the role of the protein corona

Svensson, Malin

Prof. Dr. Stephan Gehring

Induction of intrahepatic anti tumor immunity by adressing DC and liver NPC

Wilhelmy, Christoph

Prof. Dr. Peter Langguth

Characterization of lipid mRNA delivery systems with small-angle X-ray scattering

Weldert, Annabelle

Zeyn, Yanira

PD Dr. Matthias Bros

Induction of intrahepatic anti tumor immunity by adressing DC and liver NPC